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JML Mop Kit


The JML Doktor Power Microfibre Mitt can be used for shining and polishing items around the home, leaving everything looking super clean! The cloth is double-sided for multiple uses – the soft bristles dust and clean by sucking up the dust like a magnet and leaving everything spotless. As it is a mitt with an elastic cuff, it is comfortable to wear and easy to use – helping you to get into awkward corners or around odd-shaped ornaments and under or behind furniture, meaning everything is left gleaming. Can be used in the home, car, office or any way you need it! The JML Doktor Power Mitt can be used either dry or damp. When dry, the fibres will clean more effectively than traditional cloths because the static charge from the woven shaped fibres attract the dust. When damp, the fibres use capillary action to attract dirt and water. The tiny fibres have micro-grooves which increase the surface area, meaning it’™s like a magnet for dust, dirt and liquids. A fantastic modern update on our best-selling Super Mop! The Super Mop Pro from JML can absorb up to ten times more liquid than any other mop, and has a stronger power wringer mechanism with our fantastic wring-max technology! So every last drop of liquid is removed, leaving your floors dry just a few seconds after mopping! In just one sweep the Super Mop Pro cleans, absorbs and dries. Don’™t waste valuable time trying to clean your floor with a traditional mop – make easy work of those nasty spills around the house! Wring-max technology means no more tired and sore hands from trying to wring the mop out. The NEW Super Mop Pro is ultra-absorbent and has a telescopic handle so you can reach high up to effortlessly clean windows.

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